What is intellectual health?

open minded

  Intellectual health is the ability to open our minds to new ideas gain insight, and experiences that can be applied to personal decisions, bunch cooperation, and local area improvement. The desire to learn new ideas, improve skills and seek challenges in pursuit of lifelong learning contributes to our scholarly wellbeing.   An intellectually well […]

What’s the difference between health and fitness

difference between Health & fitness

  Health and fitness almost appear to be somewhat similar. They both seem to have a similar meaning, but there is a big difference.   Health has more to do with inner well-being and fitness is more about the outer self. Health is how well your body is working, while fitness is how strong and […]

The 3 best plantar fasciitis insoles


  Protect your foot with these amazing insoles Products, services, information, and other content provided by the Service, including information linking to third-party websites are provided for informational purposes only. Regardless, the Company only recommends products or services the Company believes will add value to users. If you buy through the links the Company may receive an […]

How to build big leg muscles


  Legs are really active throughout the day. The legs muscles are always in movement, they are always getting training when you walk, stand or run around.   To build the muscle up you have to give them more than just simple training. The minimum amount of training legs a week is 2, I consider […]

The 16 best swimsuits for women in 2021


  When it comes to the beach, pool, swimming, or have fun in the sun you should have a great swimsuit that you feel comfortable in and that fits you right.   As 2021 summer is coming you want to look good and have a unique style on what you wear. Every year things are […]

Best tips to get 6-pack abs fast

ABS Theme

  To gain abs is not only about just doing abs workouts it is more than that. Abs are just like any other muscles in our body as we train and eat the right food to gain muscle we also need to train & treat abs that way.   Some people think doing 100 sit-ups […]

Does exercise help your mind?


Our bodies are not made for sitting down and be lazy. We have been created for mobility and development. From the last century, our desk works are increasing day by day. We are getting inactive and fat. We are confronting anxiety, stress, depression, an increase in heart disease, and so on the most ideal approach […]

Best protein shakes to gain muscle, lose fat and gain weight

Whey protein

  Stay fitness only recommends products or services that we believe will add value to users. Stay Fitness is supported by its users. If you buy through the links the Company may receive an affiliate commission. Read more. In the generation we live right now it’s easy to get online products but it’s not easy […]

Health Gear CFT2.0 review – best home steelbody exercise tower


Product: Health Gear CFT2.0 review Price: $299,- (retail) Cheapest place to buy: Amazon Weight capacity: 300 lb Stay Fitness rating: 8.9 out of 10      

12 Best gym wear & objects brands – Get comfortable in 2021


  Fitness is great, but wearing the right things is also important. For an intense workout with ultimate focus, you need to eliminate anything that’s between you and the weights. To make you feel more comfortable. Having the right clothes can improve the way you train. It feels good when you wear the right object at […]