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Stay Fitness it’s about health and fitness. Giving you some top-quality details about health and fitness. “SF” wants to welcome you and let you feel at home. Sharing some positive advice and high-quality health & fitness information & products. Stay Fitness knows that every piece of information & product counts, and attempt to make the entire website as great as possible.

A little story about my fitness life

Hi, my name is Venche I appreciate that you want to know more. Welcome to Stay fitness.

I’m a personal trainer & love to share my knowledge about health and fitness. That did motivate me to create Stay Fitness. So I can share with the world the best information about health and fitness.

Why I want to help people

it’s always great to know more cause the more you know, the more you grow & it’s important to share good information to help others get better at what they are doing. I always liked to help others be better characters.


Stay active

I’m here to help everyone who is in need and to make sure they get themself some great content about health & fitness.




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