What’s good for liver detox?


Water is the best thing that detoxes every cell of our body. Apple cider vinegar is also very good for liver detoxing. It might also help you with health benefits, just like lowering blood sugar level, improve the symptoms of diabetes, reduces belly fat, etc.

Orange juice is a healthy juice that can detox your liver because the vitamin C in oranges protects the liver cells from damage and toxic substances.

If you are having liver issues you should visit a hepatologist. They are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of liver disease.

If you want to detox your liver quickly by only taking water for 24 hours you need to stop taking drugs, alcohol, and supplements unless for a life-threatening condition.

Best Foods for liver detox

There are many plant foods that you can try, as broccoli is a good carb and is high in fiber, which aids in digestion, maintains low blood sugar, and prevents constipation.

Turnips are also good they are loaded with fiber and have vitamins A, C, E, B1, B3, B5, etc. they are also a good source of phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein.

Brussels sprouts are another one as cruciferous vegetables they have health benefits, including the potential to reduce the risk of cancer. Can also try cabbage, sweet potatoes, carrots, mangos, and papaya.

How long does the liver take to detox?

After using drugs or alcohol can be after weeks or months the thing is it depends on how much did you use. Not everybody has the same function of the body, there are also types as an endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph they all have a different type of metabolism.

It is not easy to clean the liver, it is the organ primarily responsible for detoxing and metabolizing. You can’t just clean it out. You can reduce inflammation by “turmeric, milk thistle” or detox a particular chemical or toxin.

Whatever we eat or drink goes into the stomach. In our stomach, everything is converted into a fine paste and moved to the small intestine. While this paste is moving in small intestines the nutrients are absorbed in the blood. An artery is connected to the small intestine for this purpose. Then blood carrying these nutrients is filtered by the liver.

Best way to keep your liver healthy

  1. exercise regularly
  2. Control your weight by keeping your diet in balance
  3. Don’t smoke
  4. Drink Green Tea
  5. Eat lots of garlic
  6. Avoid alcohol
  7. Eat grapefruits

What’s bad about fatty liver?

It depends on the amount of fatty tissue build up in your liver and also your body’s reaction to the medication, lifestyle changes, etc. Fatty liver slowly decreases the working ability of your liver.

If it is not controlled may lead to permanent damage to your liver and fats will not be emulsified by bile juice and the fatty content in the blood will increase which leads to clots.

The more fat that is stored in the liver the less glucose can be handled by the liver so the more stays in the blood which over time leads to diabetes. Having too much fat in the liver also causes weight gain, higher cholesterol, and blood pressure.

The less and end

You don’t have to worry about fatty liver but the fatty liver has to be taken care of on time before it’s too late. Doctors will routinely check your liver health through routine blood tests, especially when taking drugs that could potentially harm your liver. Do regular physical activities like walking or cycling, yoga exercises sincerely and properly to keep yourself maintained and protect your body from further health problems and side effects of medicines.

If you have any feedback about liver detox that you know or any questions about the things I have recommended, please leave your comments below!”

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