What’s the easiest way to gain weight


Eating well and at the right time is the best way to gain weight. Some food can make you lose weight and some can make you gain. It’s important to know the amount of food that you eat per day, so you can adjust it and add more every week.


Eat food with more calories and also a lot of protein, you need to eat more calories than your body burns to gain weight, if you stop eating food with good calories you will lose weight.

Go to the gym and work your muscles. During your training, you have to know the correct way to train in the gym. Every move that you do with workout/training has to be slow and not fast because fast will burn a lot of calories and if you want to gain, you don’t want that. You can also drink a weight gain powder for building serious mass, that can whet your appetite so you will feel like you should eat more.



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The healthiest way to gain weight

Milk is one of the healthiest drink to gain weight, it give you more calcium for your skeleton, it makes your skeleton and muscle more strong.

Drink good water cause water give you more moisture in your body so your body can function well.

Eat fruits every morning with high calories as Avocados, bananas, raisins, dates, and figs. Brown rice is good for your body it contains vitamins B with good calcium, iron, manganese, selenium, etc. Brown rice also contains more dietary fiber than white rice.

Calories importance

Know the exact calories that your body needs per day that’s one of the most important things that can help you gain weight. Normally the average man needs 2,7000 kcal per day and a woman needs 2,200 kcal per day. Calories can be burned on what you do to your body, depends on how you move & treat your body. If you do not train, gym, or work out you will gain fat cause your not burning calories it’s well not a good way cause your body will not grow in a great course of action. Keep your body fit and motivate yourself.

Tips to gain weight in a month (5-10KG)

  1. Eat sufficient protein.
  2. Drink high-calorie smoothies or shakes.
  3. Eat meals with fibrous carbohydrates and healthful fats.
  4. Eat three to five meals a day. Eating at least three meals a day can make it easier to increase calorie intake.
  5. Don’t drink water before meals. This can fill your stomach and make it harder to get in enough calories. try to drink after u finish eating.
  6. Take an afternoon nap about 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  7. Eat peanut butter before exercising.

Exercise  to gain weight

  1. Squats are an effective way to build muscle without needing any equipment do at least 50 per day increasing it with 10 every week.
  2. Push-Ups are an awesome way to train your upper body and get in shape without weights.
  3. Do 3 calf workouts per week.
  4. do some stretching and warm-up exercises
  5. do 3 sets of 30 lungs workout

Gain weight helper

These points can improve weight gainer. Take good action and know exactly how you wanna be, it all starts with a straight mind and positive thoughts. These are the best way to gain weight and keep your body fitness.

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